Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some would say I'm fortunate...

Not because I'm struggling with infertility (IF), but because I have some special ladies in my life who have been through the struggle themselves.
My mom. Well, technically, she is my adoptive mother, but for all intent and purposes, she is my mom in every sense of the word. Both of my siblings are also adopted. My parents were unable to have a child of their own. The built their family through adoption. This is also an option for myself and Darren. We aren't at that point yet, but it is definitely in the back of my mind. Thankfully I have a husband who is also open to adoption. My mom has been an amazing source of support. She's been there. She knows the heartache in watching all the ladies around her become pregnant. She knows the frustration. She's been there.
My mother-in-law. Although my husband is a biological child (no one would doubt it looking at Darren and his dad!), they did not have an easy time of it either. They had actually decided on pursuing adoption when she got pregnant. She too has been a great source of support. For her, the solution is to stop worrying because it worked for her. That is definitely easier said than done.
My friend. Her and her husband have been trying to start their family for a few years now. Nothing. She has been very forthcoming with me and a huge source of support. She recommended her doctor to me, who has been fantastic. She understands what we are going through. She understands the stress that this put on a marriage.
I also do have friends and family who are very supporting who have not been through IF. I suppose I am very fortunate. It is important when going through IF to be thankful and appreciative of what you have. It is so easy to focus on what you do NOT have that sometimes you lose focus on what you do have.

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